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Our Adoption Coordinator of the Beagle Brigade, Rosemary Crowell, can be reached at beagleadoptions@earthlink.net or at 760-591-4116.

Looking for a beagle to adopt?

We at the Beagle Brigade are committed to helping beagles find homes and prospective beagle-parents to find beagles! We do not have a shelter facility, but are willing to "advertise" beagles by our email system. If you're looking for a beagle, or even thinking of adding one to the household, please contact Rosemary to be put on the list to be notified as they come available - there is no obligation. We do not take specific orders but you may preview all the beagles that come available, which could be puppies as well as older well-trained adult beagles!

From Rosemary: "When a dog becomes available, as quickly as possible, I call or e-mail everyone in my file who is looking. I try to give all lookers equal opportunity to respond to the owners if they are interested. Please be aware that the Greater San Diego Beagle Brigade is not an adoption service nor do we "guarantee" the Beagles that are available to adopt. Likewise, the Greater San Diego Beagle Brigade does not do any temperament testing, or investigation either as to why the Beagle is up for adoption or of any health or temperament problems which the Beagle may have. We only provide contact information to interested parties when a dog is referred to us for adoption in hopes that the Beagle will end up with a family that is a good "match". It is up to the two parties involved to make sure that the information they are receiving from each other is correct, and that they are both comfortable with the adoption. The Greater San Diego Beagle Brigade strongly encourages you to conduct a full inquiry and investigation into the health and temperament of the dog you are considering adopting. Such an investigation should include health examinations and temperament testing by your licensed veterinarian. "

Giving up a beagle for adoption?

Sometimes we find that people have chosen the wrong type of dog for themselves, or life circumstances force them to give up their beagles, and we at the Beagle Brigade are willing to help spread the word of your beagle needing a home. WE ONLY ARE ABLE TO LIST BEAGLES IN THE SAN DIEGO COUNTY.

Please be advised that we do NOT get involved in any monetary transactions - we only place beagles going free of charge to homes in our area. Our goal is to keep the beagles out of the shelters and to find them proper beagle-homes. If you have a beagle to place, please contact Rosemary Crowell with the details and we'll help as we can.



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